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We are a service and solution provider offering technology-driven business solutions while delivering unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation.

Aviation and Autonomy

We are a full-service aviation consulting firm, serving as a trusted partner to ANSPs, enterprises, and federal and state aviation agencies. Decades of aviation knowledge and experience, coupled with unmatched business and technical acumen, put us in the unique position of providing custom solutions that work for our clients today. Our expertise revolves around both unmanned and manned aviation with evolution into UAM.

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Telecom and Mobility

We have assembled one of the most technologically advanced mobile engagement platforms in the industry to help brand marketers, agencies, wireless carriers and content providers engage consumers one-on-one via mobile marketing campaigns. The company leverages long-term relationships in music, sports and entertainment to develop campaigns for its customers that include mobile messaging, mobile content provisioning and delivery.

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Digital Transformation

We offer Digital Transformation consulting and associated services. Our Principal Consultants have decades of experience working in these domains. Our team members include communications technology leaders with a record of contributing in the DoD and commercial space. We are experts in creating cohesive solutions between traditional and current strategies in business and mobile technology with commercial and intelligence community experience.

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Smart & Effective

The company leverages its deep understanding of the industry to develop solutions for its customers that include simple to highly complex enterprise applications

Our consulting service has created solutions that cross many industries, each having their own unique set of objectives. We understand that messaging is, at its foundation, a tool to disseminate a message effectively and efficiently. Our projects take this fundamental idea and surround it with creativity and interactivity to engage consumers at many levels.

Cross Platform Solutions

At ZiBY, we understand the importance of cross-platform applications, both from a business and technical perspective. We guide our customers through the entire development process, including guidance on the appropriate platform and development approaches.

Configurable and Scalable

Scalability is one of the most critical conditions for the success of a web application. Our development team focusses on key elements such as develop an app that will withstand the usage spikes on the crest of a success wave and painlessly transfer the expansion of functionality at any development and operation stage.

Trusted by small businesses and Fortune 50 enterprises

ZiBY’s knowledge of UAS technology and regulations plays a key role in the success of our initiatives. The team at ZiBY helped us with safety analyses to formulate a first-of-a-kind viable use case for beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations without visual observers.- Brij Mohan, ANRA Technologies
I can think of three words to define ZiBY team....'Talented, Passionate and Dedicated'. It has been an amazing experience working with this group of individuals.- Tim Prier


Requirements Analysis and Allocation

Functional Analysis and Allocation is a top-down process of translating system level requirements into detailed functional and performance design criteria.  Requirements analysis encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product or project, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, analyzing, documenting, validating  system requirements.

Architecture Design Synthesis

Design Synthesis is the process of taking the functional architecture developed in the Functional Analysis and Allocation step and decomposing those functions into a Physical Architecture (a set of product, system, and/or software elements) that satisfy system required functions. The output of this activity is a set of analysis-verified specifications which describe a balanced, integrated system meeting the requirements, and a database which documents the process and rationale used to establish these specifications.

Structured Development for Safety Critical Systems

Safety-critical software used in aviation systems have always relied on highly-structured software development methods like waterfall with a heavy emphasis on design review and testing. There are several international standards that provide guidance to companies regarding these regional regulations in safety-critical domains and prepare for the regulatory audits for functional safety and risk management.

Flexible Development Methodologies

Flexible development methodology (AGILE) – the methodology, is based on the iterative method, whose conditions and solutions develop with the help of collaborative work of the self-organized and cross-functional teams. Agile is well equipped to handle the complexity and variability involved in development projects. Agile is collaboration-heavy, focusing on team strengths and efficiency, along with internal feedback from various departments and clients.

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